Federation Mining is committed to the care of the environment and to the consideration and support of the stakeholder community, before and during and after the development of the Blackwater Project.

We place great importance on implementing and sustaining high standards and in building stable partnerships within the community.


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All mine and process water reused and/or neutralised and filtered

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Private land access only and operation 700m below DoC land

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Waste rock and other dry tailings placed underground as backfill or stored in engineered and stable dump on surface

60 hectares

Minimal land disturbance

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Waste rock and tailings inert and no chemicals remain as a waste product

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Operation of electric/battery powered mobile machinery rather than diesel equipment

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Continued commitment to safety and environment as set by OceanaGold

Cyanide is destroyed and all sulphide tailings stored UG as backfill


Waiuta was the town that was established and grew when the Blackwater mine began operating in 1908, and is situated adjacent to the mining operation on a peak of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

The New Zealand Forest Service restored the original hospital building in 1986 and from there  a reunion of former residents of the township of Waiuta led to the creation of the Friends of Waiuta. This dedicated group is devoted to documenting the history of Blackwater and the Waiuta township, and restoring the remaining historic buildings. The Waiuta township is now a popular tourist destination.

Federation Mining is very appreciative of the support and encouragement provided by the Friends of Waiuta for the redevelopment of the Blackwater gold mine. We are all excited by the prospect of returning the mine to production and at the same time supporting the Friends of Waiuta in keeping the memories of the original township alive.